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Mushroom Ecosphere Substrate Jar for Sale – Mushroom Grow Jars

We have introduced a more straightforward and accessible way to assist our mushroom agriculturists in this day and age of rushing time and exaggerated needs. We sell high-quality mushroom grow jars. For the growth of psychedelic mushrooms, the ecosphere jars may contain substrate mushroom cubensis medium. We strive to provide ecosphere substrate jars that are simple and easy to use. It’s a solution for those looking for a perfect substrate occupier to help them grow mushrooms in less time and in a more suitable environment.

What is required to grow mushrooms?

Substrate: A mixture of natural products needed to grow desired species of mushrooms. Substrates with less nitrogen & more carbon content are marvelous for the growth of mushrooms.

Some examples include: 

  • Cellulose
  • Lignin (rice & wheat straw)
  • Coffee grounds
  • Horse manure

Package Features- Mushrooms Ecosphere Substrate Jar

  • Voluminous 18 feet vertical space with dimensions: 32” ×24” ×65” (Length*Width*Height)
  • Easy to assemble five shelves made up of steel alloy.
  • An easy to zip & unroll polyethylene cover.
  • Inbuilt Convection Climate control system
  • Heating technology, including a fan and thermostat controller
  • Air pumps
  • Programmable timer
  • Humidifier
  • Refill humidifier system
  • Adapter
  • Lava rock
  • Air hose set
  • Step-wise instructions with illustrations.
  • Detailed guide book for beginners inside the package.

Why choose us to buy Mushrooms Ecosphere Substrate Jar?

  1. Our mushroom substrate jar is free of contaminations
  2. It is Hydrated
  3. Easy to assemble
  4. It comes along with mushroom growth bags & injection ports.
  5. It constitutes a complex mixture of all the required nutrients for healthy mushrooms.
  6. It is a piece of Magic equipment for growers.
  7. It is the best substrate for any species of mushrooms.
  8. Occupies less space.

Our Added Values in Mushrooms Ecosphere Substrate Jar

  • Unmatched efficacy
  • Quality ingredients
  • Quality material
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Less spacious, easy to assemble the product.


  • Read the instructions thoroughly & carefully before using the product.
  • Don’t exceed the limit of substrate volume stated in the guidelines.
  • Avoid using any tool for repairing or assembling the equipment.
  • Buy best quality syringes of spores
  • Use alcohol pads to clean the surfaces
  • Keep the equipment clean during the preparatory phase
  • Avoid useless interruptions in the stage of preparations.
  • Don’t use water other than the mineral one.
  • Don’t use non-sterilized equipment in the substrate to avoid mold growth.

Customer Satisfaction

  • In-time delivery of ecosphere jars at your doorstep
  • Return guarantee in case of any damage on the company’s behalf.
  • Assure good quality sterilized products to avoid contamination of the mushrooms.
  • No harmful or poisonous chemical insertion inside which may violate human safety guidelines.

In addition to magic mushroom substrate jars, lids, and bags, we also sell liquid growth mediums, sterile syringes, and various packaging and growth materials. We ship magic mushroom products to countries throughout the world, including Europe and the United States. We have a geographically dispersed client base throughout the United States, with a strong presence in states where psilocybin is legal. While our store is in California, we also ship to Europe, including Canada, France, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom.