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Substrate Bag and Mushroom Spawn Bags for Sale

If you do not want to use glass jars to store your mushroom-growing medium, a mushroom spawn bag is a good choice. Sometimes referred to as a grow bag or an autoclavable polypropylene filter patch bag. For all the growers and consumers of Mushrooms, our product is the best choice you could make.

Important features of our Mushroom spawn and substrate bag

Our product has following characteristics:

  1. Made of Polypropylene,
  2. Resistant to high temperature
  3. Autoclavable
  4. Employs bacterial isolation using nanotechnology
  5. Provides a high yield of mushrooms
  6. Labor less regarding drilling & oxygenation
  7. Reduces the time of hyphal fermentation.
  8. Free of contaminants

Use of Mushroom spawn bag

Our substrate bag and mushroom spawn is suitable for growing the following

  1. Mushrooms of any specie
  2. Fungi
  3. Grains

Benefits of Mushroom Spawn Bag:

  1. Transparent
  2. Flexible bag composition
  3. Reusable
  4. Air ventilation window: allows easy flow of contaminant-free air
  5. Breathable technology
  6. Can be steam-sterilized, pressurized cleaning & autoclaved

Size & dimensions

The size and dimensions of mushroom spawn and substrate bags vary and the information can be provided on your request.

Directions for use

  1. Slit open the transparent polypropylene bag and add in the substrate of your own choice as per the requirement of the mushrooms or fungi you are growing.
  2. Close the opening of the bag loosely.
  3. Put the substrate bag with the medium in the pressure cooker or autoclave and heat it for approximately 3 hours to allow maximum heat penetration into the medium placed for growth.
  4. Before opening the pressure cooking after 3 hours, let the temperature drop of the cooker.
  5. Please take out the bag and seal it as quickly as possible to stop the entry of the contaminants.
  6. Allow the bags to cool down for at least 12 hours and apply a sticking tape opposite to the side of the filter port.
  7. Then, slowly insert or inject the desired mushroom spawn through the sticking tape towards the substrate slowly & carefully. Spawn can be injected at several other places as well.
  8. Reseal the tape.
  9. Now place the substrate and mushroom spawn bag in the area with fluorescent lighting. A cooler or warmer temperature is preferred.
  10. Keep monitoring the bag to avoid drying out of the content. If dry, you can add more water through a syringe and apply binding tape to the hole.
  11. You can get mushrooms of the desired size and ripened when matured.

What to avoid while preparing mushroom growth bag

  1. Opening the pressure cooker when hot
  2. using a non-sterilized syringe
  3. keeping the bag open after taking out from the pressure.
  4. Closing the opening tightly after placing the substrate only when putting it in the pressure cooker. Substrate Bag and Mushroom Spawn

Our values

  1. No compromise on quality
  2. Reusable guaranteed material
  3. Best quality material used
  4. Economical products

Customer Care

Best optimal & economic offers are available for the convenience of the customer. Your best choice makes the mushrooms grow healthier & happier. Substrate Bag and Mushroom Spawn

Where we Ship:

Magic mushroom products are our specialty, and we sell them exclusively online. You can order Mushroom products online and have them delivered straight to your door. Psilocybin-containing products such as chocolate bars, mushroom spore, golden teacher, and penis envy are the most popular among our customers. We ship psilocybin-related products to Europe and the USA. Most of our customers are from states where psilocybin is legal. Despite being based in California, we ship to Europe, including France, Spain, Italy, and the UK. Substrate Bag and Mushroom Spawn